About Us

The D.P. Farms is a UK based fresh produce wholesaler. We have been working hard since 2010 to bring to our client the best and the freshest furits and vegetables daily. We have a team of highly experienced inspectors who are constantly looking for new sources and opportunities. In fact, D.P. Farms employs more inspection staff than any of our competitors — and that means we have more eyes and ears at the field and farm levels.

Because of our reputation for excellence, top growers frequently ask us to work with them as we choose only the best produce. With a competent staff that can manage non-stop produce intake & outtake movement, we know we can offer our customers and suppliers the best service they deserve. We pride ourselves on the fact that we have a seamless network of communication between our field staff, sales teams, and customers. Although some technological advances have been made in this industry, it is still largely dependent on seasoned experience and human judgment — both qualities of D.P. Farms.

“Quality” is a subjective term, often used loosely in the produce industry. In reality, there are many different grades and qualities of produce available in the market and in the fields at any given time. Our deep experience and keen judgment supports our constant goal to find the right product for the right market at fair market price.

“Logistics” is often a term that is taken for granted in this industry. With a full-time in-house logistics department we strive to deliver prompt and error free documentation. We also have strong& professionalinhouse trucking / delivery service to always deliver the freshest product possible.

Our Partnerships

Relationships are something we take very seriously. We know that in order to maintainour professional reputation, every relationship must be earned. We also understand that it must be mutually beneficial from both a personal and business perspective. We are committed to earning the respect of our growers and our customers, and maintain it by providing them with superior service and accountability. Our growers and customers alike know that we will be fair and timely in our dealings and honor all of our agreements.

We also know that communication is critical in this industry. Every day, bottom lines are directly affected by the decisions we make on behalf of our growers and customers. We’ve engendered a trust that we don’t intend to break — and that’s why our business is completed with a handshake — a gesture of our personal commitment to an honest and profitable partnership.